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How To Help Children With A Parent In Jail


It happens that a parent is sent to jail for a crime they committed or any other reason. It is a big blow to the whole family. The kids are affected to a great extent. If you are the spouse left with the kids, it can be such a hard time trying to explain to the kids why their mother or father is not coming home. It gets bad because of the stigma from the society. If the condition is handled with care and in the right way, the children will understand and wait patiently until their parent is term is over. This article will give you tips on handling children with a parent in jail.

Parent in jail

Make them understand

Parent in jailOnce the ruling is done, be the first one to tell the kids about it. Do not lie to them. It would be wrong if they heard it from outside. Sit them down and explain to them what happened. Tell them that dad or mom will not be with them for some time, but they are coming back. Warn them too that other people might talk bad about them, but they should give a deaf hear to them. This makes them ready for anything.


It is a good thing if you take them to visit the jailed parent. This is to ensure that parent-child bond is not broken. Tell them to write letters or make a card for their parent. This way, they will tell how they miss them and before you know it the jail term will be over. Seeing their parent behind bars helps them stay disciplined because they know the consequences from experience.

Stay strong
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It is wrong to show your children how beaten you are because your partner is in jail. Do not make them feel like that is the end of everything. If you feel like crying about it, please do so away from the kids. They are looking up to you, so you must be strong.