Common Auto Repairs To Expect

In this modern era, vehicles are advanced. They have specialized parts that involve several electronics and standard parts. When thinking about whether to buy a used car or a modern one, you should think about long-term maintenance costs, which rise if you decide to keep your car. You can consult All Tune and Lube – Auto Repair Specialists if you have issues with your car. Notwithstanding the car model, there are common auto repairs you should know.

Common fixes you are likely to encounter


You will need tocar replace tires as required from time to time. This can be quite expensive on your part. An average set of tires lasts about three years. This means that they will be replaced more often than other car components. The standard set of tires will cost an average of $500. However, for the truck ones, they will cost more. Damaged rims from hitting curbs and potholes are quite common. Moreover, they are not cost effective when it comes to replacement.


These are very important part of any given vehicle and do not need routine replacement. Replacing both front and rear brakes can be quite expensive depending on the type of car. In fact, it can even get into thousands. Doing it yourself can save you a lot of money. However, if you are not knowledgeable on car repairs, you should never attempt.

Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)

Just like other advanced technologies, TPMS can be quite helpful. In fact, it can be a thorn in your side.
For instance, if the light comes on for no particular reason, it can be a sensor issue. A sensor can cost over $100, particularly when you order it from a dealer.

Timing belts

Although they do not need routine changes, they are costly replacements. Even though it does not cost a lot, the labor cost often hurts.

Suspension components

The good thing Silver car graphicabout suspension components is that they do not need frequent replacements. They wear out after thousands of miles. This is after they have absorbed many bumps and potholes while traveling. The suspension does not only involve struts or shocks. Instead, it consists of many smaller pieces, which can wear out or break out, including bearings, tie-rod ends, and bushings. The type of car you have has an impact on the lifespan of the parts.

Getting the above items replaced or repaired at a dealer is quite expensive. It is advisable to check local repair shops for spare parts and pricing.