How to Choose the Right Lamp for Your Bedroom

Choosing a lamb for your bedroom is essential and has to create a balance of style and functionality. Depending on the bedroom activities, you can have more than one lamp. Get the bed lamp products in Malaysia for all your needs. You can play with colours, size, patterns and design to bring you the perfect mood for your bedroom.


For most people, style and design is everything when it comes to their home. You don’t have to take an essential lamp for your bedroom. Get a lamp that can match your style and looks classy and sleek.

You can choose lamps that are made of similar material to other furniture or the same colour. Lamps can spice up the room’s decor there choose accordingly. Traditional lamps can give an aesthetic look and at the same time, appear sleek in a modern bedroom.

lamp for bedroom

Space and Location

If your bed is large, you need two lamps placed on each side of the bed to give a better balance. Generally, one bedside lamp is required if you are sleeping alone and two if you have a partner.

Determine the space you will place your lamp, narrowly based lamps should be placed on narrow tables. Choosing the ideal height and size of a lamp is essential, especially if your bedroom has a sloping roof, find a corner space that can fit.

Number of Lamps

A larger bedroom will definitely require more than one lamp, although there might have ceiling light. You are getting a number of lamps to create an ambient environment and also is used as a decorative feature. You might prefer several floor lamps to have more light.

The bulbs can be adjustable to control the amount of light. For a single person with a smaller space, one lamp might be enough. If you prefer reading away from the bed, you can have a reading table placed with a lamp apart from the bedside lamps.

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Height of the Lamp

If you are a reader, the height of a lamp is important. Getting a lamp with an ideal light is good, some lamps have adjustable stands. The bottom for the lampshade should be between your shoulder and chin. The height of the bedside lamps should be in such a way that you can switch on and off from the bed without straining.

Go for a lamp that is 2-3 inches taller if the mattress and nightstand have the same height. Get a short lamp if your mattress is higher than the stand. The most convenient bedside lamps are the ones with a cord for switching on and off, but make sure the cord is long enough for you to reach.

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