Qualifications Of A Video Game Tester


Video game tester is someone who will confirm that the games meet they quality standard. The game tester is hired to play games so that he/she can come up glitches, any problems with the application, and those things that are not necessary for a new game. The game tester will play the game numerous times just so that he can confirm if everything is working as expected. Also, he is supposed to come up with a report just so that he can be able to back up his/her finding. The game testing from home is possible. You’re there, and you are thinking of becoming a game tester but have no idea of what to do and where to start. Few qualifications are needed before you becomes a game tester, and they include.


Have hone skills

silver plugin cableBefore the employers employ you, they will need to know that you have the skills to play the video game and love playing too. They need to know that you have the skills of playing any game because they are so many of them. You have to be updated about the recent trends and anything that is going on in the video game world. Read magazines or blogs, and this is where you will get the updates if any new video has been released and which game so many people prefer. Also, by reading the blog and magazines, it will give you the information needed when you are looking for open work position in game testing.

Get the technical skills

Though the qualification needs may be different from one company to another. You need to get an undergraduate degree in computer science and graphic design. Sometimes the employer will want someone who also can do more for them not just playing games. So having a degree in such field will be an added advantage for you. Like the work of game tester, he will be coming up with issues that need to be changed, so they employer will look for someone who has the knowledge in tech savvy. The tech savvy will be useful because the game tester will be able to communicate with the game developer on a proper solution.

Have experience

stickAn employer will not employ someone who does not have the experience so after the getting an education gain the experience. Look for a well-recognized company, and this will be so helpful. Because so many companies want someone who maybe has one year experience. You can take an internship, and it’s better for the internship because within a year then you will be employed.