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Common Skin Infections You Should Know


The skin is the outer covering of the body. It is a crucial organ and needs to be taken care of. The skin protects the internal parts of the body from infection and drying up. Because the skin is the one that interacts with the external environment, it is prone to so many diseases and infection. Good care involves using superior skin care products. Facebook Nu Skin reviews will confirm how crucial this is. However, if there is any infection on the skin, one should not hesitate to visit a doctor. There are some common skin infections you should know, and this article is dedicated to that.

Some common skin infections

Boils, furuncles, and abscesses

infectionsA boil occurs when a small collection of pus accumulate around a hair follicle. Abscesses, on the other hand, are larger collections of pus. You may get the two for no specific reason but mostly are due to a low level of immunity as occasioned by taking steroid drugs, or due to HIV infection or having diabetes. Boils may heal on their own. You are advised to visit a skin specialist if boils and abscesses do not heal after a few days. A dose of antibiotics will treat them, and in a case of an abscess, a small cut and drainage of the pus may be necessary.


This is a common skin infection caused by bacteria. It is mostly witnessed where the skin is broken either by a cut, a prick by a sharp object or wounds from surgical operations. Sometimes cellulitis can appear without a specific cause. It makes one experience pain around the affected area and may cause the patient to have a fever. The infection is treated through an oral admission of drugs at the early stages of the disease.

Impetigo skin infection

This is another bacterial infection, caused by a bacteria called S. aureus. It is mostly common among children between the ages of two years and five years. The infection is spread through body contact as may be the case while playing, fighting or getting in contact with items of infected children. The symptom of impetigo skin disease is sores and small collections of pus (pustules) on the skin.

Tinea or ringworm

This is a fungal infection and may affect any part of the body. It is referred to as a ringworm because it resembles a ring and gives an impression that there are small worms under the skin. It is treated by application of some specific ointment on the affected area that hinders its further spreading.

Tinea versicolor

This is a common infection among the young adults. It is commonly referred to as the dandruff problem. It is characterized by brown patches appearing on the skin. The disease is treated using anti-dandruff shampoo.

Candida or yeast infection

yeast infectionThe infection mostly affects the moist, soft areas of close to the body openings. It is also common on the skin around the nails of the fingers and the toes. Older girls and women may experience a type of candida in and around the vagina. This is commonly called the yeast infection.